Club Policies

Covid 19 Protocol

Guidelines for meetings held at Bittaford Village Hall
This document is an interpretation of current advice on hygiene and protocol in our group's setting for the purposes of allowing physical camera club meetings to safely resume.
The committee will review the rules and guidelines set out in this document regularly, and it may change at any time.
These guidelines have been designed to try to be as fair and inclusive as possible, but due to the complexity of individuals' situations and the government's recommended restrictions there may be some members who find they are not able to safely attend physical meetings. We hope that in time we will be able to safely welcome everyone back and in the meantime we plan to share meetings at the hall via zoom.

• Respiration : coughing, sneezing, through aerosolised droplets
• Touching a contaminated surface: for example a surface touched or sneezed upon by someone infectious with coronavirus.
• You may have COVID-19 and not realise.
• If you or anyone in your household is displaying any symptoms, please stay at home, you should not come to the hall.
• If you become unwell after attending a meeting in the hall, or you have a positive covid test please inform the club by email:
• Before coming to a meeting in the hall, please consider taking a Lateral Flow Test, this is for your peace of mind and for the safety and peace of mind of other members around you. Order free lateral flow tests here. or collect free from any local pharmacy.

2.1 Personal Belongings
• Minimise any personal belongings you bring to the hall
• Personal belongings, spare clothing etc should be brought in a bag or kept on your person.

2.2 Kitchen and Toilet facilities
• The kitchen area will not be used and drinks & biscuits will not be provided.
• If you bring your own food and drink, please do not share with others and consume only during the planned break.
• If you need to use the toilet facilities, please clean them after each use.

2.3 Cleaning & Washing Hands
• Wash or sanitise your hands on arriving at the venue, and before you leave.
• Covid-19 hand sanitiser will be provided
• Members may also bring their own covid-19 hand sanitiser
• Please also use hand sanitiser before and after handling shared equipment

2.4 Submitting Images for discussion and show your own evenings
• It is no longer possible to accept images for display during meetings on memory sticks – please submit them in advance using Dropbox, wetransfer or email.

3.1 Attending a meeting
• Please provide your name and contact details on arriving at the venue. These details may be used for Track & trace purposes in the event of a member testing positive.
• If a Covid QR code is displayed, please use the NHS covid app to 'Check In'

3.2 Arriving at the hall
• On arriving at the hall, a limited number of members will be designated to set-up the tables and chairs to avoid crowding in store cupboards, doorways and pinch-points.
• If you are not involved in above please wait and observe social distancing inside the hall and avoid crowding at doorways/entrances.
• The chairs will be arranged in a socially distanced manner, wherever possible.

3.3 During the meeting
• We will ask members to continue to socially distance where possible.
• Windows will be left open during the meeting to ensure adequate ventilation, weather permitting.
• You are requested to wear a face covering (unless exempt) whilst moving around inside the hall before and after being seated.
• Please bear in mind other members may be uncomfortable with you being near them without a face covering. If this is the case please be considerate.
• The chairperson and guest speakers may face the audience, but will leave as much space as practically possible between themselves and members, as they may need to project their voices.
• Please avoid unnecessary background noise when talks are being given so that the speakers can communicate without raising their voice.

3.4 After the meeting
• A limited number of members will return the tables & chairs to the store cupboard to avoid crowding in narrow/restricted areas.
• Make sure you have taken all personal belongings from the hall.
• Sanitise your hands before leaving the hall.
• Leave the venue promptly, avoiding crowding at entrances/exits.

3.5 Payments for membership, visitors and guest speakers & judges
• To avoid handling cash we will ask members and visitors to pay by bank transfer if they can. Please email the club for bank details.
• If you are unable to pay by transfer, let us know so an alternative can be arranged.
• All payments made by the club for facilities, speakers, judges etc will be made by bank transfer, where possible.