Club Policies

Health and Safety

At the first meeting of the Club attended each year members should be advised / reminded of the location of the Emergency Exits from the premises and of the Assembly Point should evacuation of the premises be required. The Treasurer who signs members in should take the attendance list to the Assembly Point in the event of an evacuation.
Club officials should be aware of the location of the Fire Fighting equipment in the premises and also the location of the First Aid equipment.

It is not the policy of the Club that officials shall use any emergency equipment, the prime responsibility of officials is the safety of members including themselves. Officials of the Club should only use such equipment if fully conversant with the operation and use of the equipment and it is safe to do so. It is the individuals own decision to use the equipment and is at their risk.

Electrical Equipment.
PAT testing of Club equipment being used at the Bittaford Village Hall need not be carried out as the Hall is protected by an RCD. The equipment should however be checked visually before use. Electrical equipment brought by visitors to the Club must also be checked before use.
Cables, leads and other trip hazards must be either taped to the floor, placed in rubber cable mat or other devices.

Kitchen Equipment
As boiling water is used in the kitchen, no children, including all junior members, or Vulnerable Adults are allowed in the kitchen unless accompanied by their Parent or Responsible Adult.