Club trip to Buckfast

A pleasant day photographing the Church and Abbey.
Our February outing took us to the churches and Abbey at Buckfast on a cold Tuesday morning.

The day started at the Holy Trinity Church while there was still early morning frost on the ground, making for some fine wintery style images. It is surprising how much photographic interest there is in ruined churches and old graveyards.

After a couple of hours, we needed thawing out so headed down to Buckfast Abbey for hot drinks and food. The Abbey has always proven to be a popular photographic location, with abundant opportunities in the grounds and inside the Abbey (while being mindful of other visitors to this religious house). There is a restriction on tripod use inside the Abbey, but with modern digital cameras there isn't a problem with noise.

With 10 members braving zero degrees and all claiming to have enjoyed the trip, this was a good opportunity to try out some “intentional camera movement” and the Pep Ventosa technique for our forthcoming “One Shot” evening in March.

An example of images taken can be found here