Out and about

We shall be out and about in the community during the next few months.

Starting with a session at the Community Hub on Tuesday 18th January, in the Watermark. With over twenty participants attending we were keep busy. The session was split into four sections and Keith Mullin, our President and founding member, spoke on the beginnings and aspiration of the club as we celebrate our 40th year.

Elaine helped with mobile phone photography, especially with an iphone, Dave showed the benefits of printing photographs and creating books as, Keith, extolled the virtues of digital photography and the benefits of joining the club whilst Ian set up a simple still life scene and offered guidance on taking the scene.

Still Life
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In February we will have an Exhibition at the Watermark, images can be seen key [775431] doesn't existhere.. and finally throughout July, we shall be exhibiting in the Community Hall, South Brent.