ARPS Panel awarded

Club member David Rayner was awarded the ARPS distinction on Thursday 17th June.

ARPS is the Associate distinction level for the Royal Photographic Society. The distinction requires a body of work of a high standard and a written Statement of Intent along with strong technical and photographic ability. David’s Statement of Intent was:

In a New Light
The colours and shapes generated when using polarised light on transparent plastic are often
mesmerising. Experimenting, I became fascinated with making photographs of them as found in
domestic items, and also, in exploring the science and history linking double-refraction and the
discovery of polarised light. I made increasingly complex images but I always came back to the
colours, patterns and shapes within these images. My epiphany came in realising that abstraction
accentuated these key elements.
This portfolio aims to show that beautiful abstract images can be created from the colours and
shapes revealed from deep within mundane products and waste packaging. Literally and
metaphorically these items are seen in a new light.

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